Roland, Alesis And Yamaha: The Big Names Among Electric Drum Kits

You are not really a musician if you haven’t heard of the three big names in the electric drum kits market. Roland, Alesis and Yamaha share huge popularity among fans all across the globe. Drum enthusiasts go looking for the different models of these brands to find the perfect pick.


Ronald Electronic Drum kit

Ronald Drums set on electricity represent the ultimate dream in percussion technology. This brand designs, manufactures and distributes drum kits and has been doing so for decades now. They have designed some ground-breaking models that suit the needs of high-end professional players as well as promising beginners.

They have constantly upgraded their designs. While offering innovation in all their models, they have also taken care to keep the budget of users in mind. You will not go broke in buying a Roland drum set on electricity kit if you have just started playing.

It is indeed a name in the industry and a standard by which other electronic drum kits tend to be measured.

Roland td1k or Yamaha drumset?

When you find yourself confused over a Ronald td1k or a Yamaha, consider the following reasons to choose a td1k.

The Roland td1k will actually grow with you. If you are a beginner who has bought the simplest version, the Roland drum kit allows you to upgrade with optional components when you have crossed the beginner skill level. A Yamaha drum kit is difficult to upgrade after a certain level.

The best feature of a td1k is its quietness. If you live in tight spaces where noise is an issue, you can easily plug in your head phones and play at the highest volume without disturbing your neighbors. This quality is not offered by a Yamaha drum kit.

The design of a Roland td1k is compact and easy to carry around. This is a reason behind its massive popularity. The space saving option does not come along with a Yamaha drum kit.

However, even after considering all these options, it is tough to make a choice between a Roland and a Yamaha. This is because both are big brand names and both have the best features and components to choose from. There are different models to suit different people and the best way to find out the differences is to choose two models of the same category instead of two brand names.

Alesis Drum Kit

Among all the models that Alesis can boast of, the Alesis DM10 [review] will surprise you with all the features that you can get with the amount of money you invest. When you have this kit in your home studio, you can easily capture the performance and sounds of real drums without going broke.

The sound effects do not feel alien, thanks to the Mylar heads. For an entry-level electronic drum kit, the Alesis DM10 is clearly the best. It will be unfair to compare it to high-end models given the price at which it is available because in that range it is definitely a good bargain. For more details on this drum kit, do go through the Alesis DM10 (review) to make a choice you won’t regret.

January 18, 2017

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