Revolvers and Handguns- more of Home Defense.

When we say gun and pistol, what reminds you? You might get a view of an army soldier holding it in his hands, shooting the enemy, or those bond movies or some other shooting scenes in other movies. Have you ever thought of owning a gun, for the safety of your family and your personal safety? And if you own, did you stop at one for the first time? We hope you would have done lots of research and then settled for one. But, if you don’t have one and looking out for buying one, then we are sure, we can help you.

Well, buying guns and pistols isn’t a job as easy as breeze. You can’t buy one based on only certain documents; you need to be careful in choosing the right brand, and with the right features suitable for your lifestyle. For personal and home defense, specific designs are created, not very heavy and with high loads. They are created keeping emergency circumstances in mind and the guns have evolved.

A repeating handgun is arevolver and it has revolving cylinder with multiple chambers. They are considered as subset of pistol. Here is a list of cheap revolvers to buy online

SpringField XDS

Ruger LCR Double Revolver

Smith& Wesson Bodyguard

Ruger is well-known brand in American market for revolver, pistols and shotguns. But, among others, gun model Ruger 380 stands on the top. It is also called as Ruger LCP 380, where LCP stands for Light Compact Pistol. This model weighs only10.6 oz, really light in weight. It uses Auto-Ammunition and is more powerful than other models. The magazine capacity of this is 6+1 rounds, and the size being very handy.

Though it has good features, there are few disadvantages to it. Most important ones are: shooting from a distance is nearly not possible.The trigger pull is long and the sights are very basic and hence might become a trouble for those with eye problems to aim the target correctly. There are complaints of accidental firing of this gun.

Ammunition is a term generally used for many types of propellants and projectile weapons. The purpose of ammunition is to project force to a target. Ammunition is shortly termed as ammo. CORBON is a company in producing quality ammunitions, and ammo by Corbon is very popular for its quality and its purpose of creation.

SIG Sauer is the company whose firearms are mainly used for commercial purposes and law enforcement purposes. They have guns best suited for self defense too. The company boast of having the best materials and designs going into the manufacturing, making the guns superior in their functionality.

Sig Sauer P226 is considered as the Signature gun of the company and SIG 226 best quality!!! Sig models are used by most of the police patrols in the US.

Sig 226 has the credit of introducing the four-point safety system to the world, SIG Sauer. There are many variants to this model, close to 20, all varying slightly in size, colour, grips etc. the mechanism of the gun remains same though. The gun is made of steel, with the grip only made out of different material, rubber, wood. The sights of 226 are tough and easy to focus. Revolving the magazine is easy here in this model. It is slightly expensive but worth it.

February 2, 2017

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