Find Out The Best Diamond Engagement Rings In The Market

It is time to look beyond the classic solitaires and mundane designs. Try out something new, different and unique. There is a whole array of designs to choose from, for that one moment when you seal your bond for eternity.

It is not easy to choose the best diamond engagement rings from the innumerable and absolutely awe-inspiring range of top rings for engagement on display. Choose one that your lady will find hard to resist. Google to check out the latest trends in the market; you should pay special attention to “favorites” and “recommendations.” Always remember that each bride- to-be has a distinct style and personality that is unique; therefore it is essential that you choose a ring that suits her. All you need is a little patience, a little knowledge and an eye for class to make the right decision.

The top five shapes

* Round: Round diamonds are timeless and their beauty is unsurpassed, the reason been that the cut maximizes the stone’s brilliance and fire. It is easy to pair any other stone with a round diamond.

* Princess: Priced lower than the round diamonds, these diamonds have 58 facets which give it a well proportioned look. It can be in rectangular or square shape.

* Pear shaped: A hard to achieve shape, this is particularly suited for those who want their fingers to appear long and slender.

* Heart shaped: Ideal for the romantics who love to wear their heart on their fingers!

* Emerald shape: Shaped like emerald, a diamond in this shape doesn’t shine all that much but it has a vintage look. You must always pay attention to the cut and clarity in this design.

Different center pieces

You can always trade the diamond for a pearl, an opal, emerald, and ruby. With any of the above as the centerpiece and tiny diamonds glittering around you will be in possession of a fine piece of jewellery that is distinct and unique in its own way.

Pair earrings to go along

Your beloved would be really thrilled to receive an exquisite diamond ring along with a pair of gold earrings. There is a wonderful array of 1 carat HQ diamond earrings in various designs like studs, martini, prong setting and many more. Choose a design that will suit your bride-to-be’s taste.

Don’t exclaim, “1 carat HQ diamond earrings! Really!” Make that special day and special moment count. Enjoy when your fiancée’s eyes light up with sheer delight at this exquisite present. At that moment you will be glad that you thought, “These gold earrings are for my future beloved wife!”

Is $2000 enough?

Honestly, $2000 are not enough for high-quality ring!!! Diamonds are rare and that is the reason they cost so much. When you want to buy nothing but the best for your beloved, raise the budget; but, you will never be sorry because you are buying for that special person who means the world to you.

Whether the diamond is the centre piece or the side miniatures, look for conflict free diamonds that are handcrafted and meticulously placed. Go for diamonds that are as pure as your love, you deserve it!

February 24, 2017

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